Heart Water

I recently did an unboxing for Heart Water and it was love at first sip ♡
I love their message and I love their product!

With every purchase of a case of Heart Water, a case is donated to children in need.

On top of that, 23% of profits flow to improve the loves of children suffering from poverty, disease and addiction.

Did you know that 20% of bottled water samples had concentrations of chlorine, fluoride, nitrate and other harmful compounds that exceed the World Health Organization guidelines?

Lucky for us, Heart Water is rainwater harvested from the clouds and never touches the ground, therefore, it’s free of pharmaceuticals + ground pollutants.

Here are a few other reasons you should consider switching to Heart Water:

Heart Water is phasing out single use plastics through high quality + 100% reusable aluminum bottles

Heart Water is rainwater in a 100% recyclable + reusable bottle, making it the world’s most sustainable water.

click here to shop: https://www.drinkheartwater.com/


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