23 Blessings ♡

To celebrate my birthday and my own personal new year to come, I wanted to reflect on a few blessings I have received this past year ♡

  1. The health of my loved ones and myself
  2. Penelope’s 2nd birthday and all of the happiness she brings me
  3. The endless love and comfort my mom, dad, Shane and P give me
  4. Graduating from the University of Texas at Austin
  5. Retiring from my many years of cheerleading and receiving my fourth year Texas Spirit ring
  6. Making the move to Dallas, Texas
  7. My first big girl job with the Dallas Mavericks
  8. Flying to pick up the wounded service members from the Army Medical Center in San Antonio to fly them back to Dallas for the Seats for Soldiers night at a Mavs game
  9. Cheering on Shane at SMU football games and seeing him work towards his Masters degree
  10. Getting to do community service through Mavs Care
  11. Finding the best trainer ever, John Benton
  12. Placing Top 19 at Miss Texas USA
  13. Having the best team ever to help me prepare for Miss Texas: Mariah Chaney, Kelly Sargeant, Eric Vaughn, Steven Grant, Misty Rockwell and John Benton
  14. Shane and I’s GoFundMe page for the City of Dallas Emergency Assistance Fund, setup to assist with COVID-19 relief

and on a lighter note..

15. A cup of coffee on a rainy morning
16. Pumpkin carving (+ pumpkin everything) in October
17. Christmas tree decorating in December
18. Sitting on the patio when a storm is brewing and hearing the wind hit the trees
19. Runs on Katy Trail and walks with P
20. Scary movies with popcorn, milk duds, a pickle and an ICEE.. not to be too specific ha
21. Seeing how happy Penelope gets when her Bark Box comes in
22. Mi Cocina chips, salsa and Dr. Pepper
23. Learning how to do my own nails with dip powder LOL #QuarantineThings

To celebrate my birthday, I would love for you to consider donating to Bunny’s Buddies: https://bunnysbuddies.org/


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