“the light shines in the darkness and the darkness shall not overcome it.”
John 1:5

COVID-19. A time of darkness for sure, but somehow we have still been able to show glimpses of light throughout this time of uncertainty. Whether that be neighborhoods of Italy coming together in song from balcony to balcony, health professionals showing up night and day for those at risk or even personally making the simple choice of shopping local when you can.

We have found a way to come together while staying apart.

I remember sitting on my bed and just letting my heart speak..

“How can we help?”

That’s what I asked Shane.

After scrolling through Instagram, watching the news and seeing more and more affected by this silent killer, I wanted to help and Shane did too.

Did we know how? no.
Did we think we were capable of making our voices heard? no.
Did we have fears? heck yeah.

but we knew deep down that something was calling us to help..

so we took action.

After making a call to the Mayor of Dallas and speaking to Mayor Johnson’s Chief of Staff, we decided that all of the money we raise will be donated to the City of Dallas Emergency Assistance Fund that is currently set up to assist with COVID-19 relief.

Dallas is home and we want to give back to the city that has given so much to us. Our hope is that we can show the City of Dallas that we are listening, we care and we are here. Your contributions will help us make that statement. This donation is coming from ALL OF US.


You can donate here:
Shane + Paige: COVID-19 Relief – Dallas Strong

Every cent counts. Let’s be the light during this dark time.

The City of Dallas Emergency Assistance Fund helps local organizations respond to broad-based community emergencies that severely affect Dallas. As the City of Dallas battles COVID-19, donations to the fund will allow the City to provide monetary assistance to organizations on the front-lines of the pandemic that are working to help residents and businesses make it through this difficult time.

“Dallas is a strong and resilient city. We will get through this, but it will take everyone’s involvement.” – Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson


We are both so blessed with what we have during this time and it really opened our eyes to the fact that some people aren’t as fortunate.

Personally, working for the Dallas Mavericks, I want to thank Cynt Marshall and Mark Cuban for taking care of their employees during this time. They have given me a sense of security during this time of uncertainty, all while doing huge things locally and nationally to help anyway they can.

Our hopes are to bring as many people as we can together to show the City of Dallas and everyone affected by COVID-19 that they are not alone.


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